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Why finish timber??

Timber could be said to be a living, breathing thing. It sucks in moisture in the air and dries out when the air is parched. All timber needs to be treated be it with lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, paint or oil in order to maintain its shape and lustre. Maintaining a level moisture content in timber is essential to keeping a piece looking and functioning at its best. If the moisture content in a piece of timber is constantly changing it will warp and bend reducing the structural integrity of the piece along with its functionality. Below you can see the results from using Common Wood Board Tonic on a dry chopping board.

Finish timber adds to the aesthetic appeal of any wooden product. It reveals the grain contours of the timber. It allows you to create a smoother finish by adding layers of varnish whilst sanding in between. This fills the pours of the wood allowing you to create, in some cases, a glass-like finish. Often with rustic reclaimed furniture you want to keep all the character of the old timber. This can be achieved by using just a few coats of polyurethane finish. This is basically a liquid plastic that will seal the timber from moisture whilst still keeping the character of the piece. That being said, polyurethane can be sprayed and sanded to a glass finish if that is what you are going for. All Common Wood coffee tables are finished with polyurethane to save the tables from accidental spills.

There are a range of differing opinions as to what is best to use in what situation but there are a few basic rules to follow. When I am picking a finish for a piece I think about what it is for. If there is going to be food I will lean towards food safe oil such as Common Wood Board Tonic

. I have created the tonic in order to ensure my customers have access to the best possible treatment for their chopping boards. After a lot of experimentation I found the perfect combination of pure mineral oil, pure coconut oil and pure beeswax. The oils will keep your chopping board water resistant whilst the beeswax gives the board a lustre that a regular board oil will not. I advise applying Common Wood board tonic to your chopping board every 3-4 months. Proper wood care will make you board last for many many years to come. Below is a 'How-To' video created by us to show you how to care for your chopping board.

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